About Mitsubishi Electric

The history of Mitsubishi Electric is the history of the development of modern Japan. The company was founded in 1921, when Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. (now Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.) spun off a factory in Kobe, Japan that made electric motors for ocean-going vessels into a new company called Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

From 1980 to the present day, the pace at which Mitsubishi Electric has introduced and refined breakthrough technologies and products for the benefit of society, industry and individuals has been nothing less than astonishing. These technologies include the world's first large-scale LED screen for sports arenas, the world's largest CRT television screen for the consumer market, the world's first spiral escalator, the world's fastest elevators, the antenna technology behind the world's first commercial in-flight Internet service, and much more.

Today, Mitsubishi Electric is a global giant with operations in 40 countries, more than 120,000 employees, and consolidated net sales of more than US$39 billion. (Figures are as per Annual Report 2014.)

The Mitsubishi Electric Group established Environmental Vision 2021 to contribute to the development of a sustainable society, and is advancing initiatives to achieve a low-carbon, recycling-based society. While this Vision represents the company we aim to become by the 100th anniversary of our founding in 2021, our ultimate goal is to make lasting social contributions as a leading green company.

Mitsubishi Electric have provided Viet Nam market to integrate more luxury technology with high - end focus air conditioner save powe, smothless operation such as:  

Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) Control 

PAM is a technology that controls the current waveform so that it resembles the supply voltage wave, thereby reducing loss and realizing more efficient use of electricity. Using PAM control, 98% of the input power supply is used effectively.


An energy-saving air conditioner is attractive from the standpoint of an owner, since it translates into lower monthly electricity bills. It's attractive from the standpoint of society, as well. When used on a mass scale, it translates into energy conservation and less harmful impact on the planet.


Econo Cool features on air conditioning Mitsubishi Electric will automatically adjust the wind direction based on the temperature at the door. Therefore, the temperature setting may be over 2° c compared to regular mode (not using this feature) without losing comfort and energy-saving efficiency up to 20%.

Get to know the body temperature and the location of the people in the room to do the conditioning effect.
Tears on the air conditioning Mitsubishi Electric may recognize the position of people in the room thanks to body temperature. When sensors found no room, the machine will switch back to automatic operating mode save.

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning combination sensor tears along the twin propellers help create diverse wind blowing mode according to user needs.

This special metal box protecting the electric equipment of air conditioning Mitsubishi Electric off dirt, ensure good operation, safety and fire prevention in the case in the event of a short circuit problem. 
The entire shell fin Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning was handled by longevity increase corrosion resistant special paint. 

Plasma filter on Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning products to kill bacteria from the inside by creating a membrane electric field and electrostatic rays on the entire region of the air being sucked into the machine.

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning fitted filter large size dust particles in the air, making the air cool and dust cleaning for your room.

Advanced technology of air conditioning Mitsubishi Electric has created air conditioners still super smooth action, consistent with all the space in the room and environment. 

Automatically regulate room temperature of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning products based on habit of daily use to bring out the cold mode.

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