Aqua Air Conditioner - Aqua Genuine Air Conditioner

Aqua air conditioning have full integration of the most modern technology for clients such as:

A-PAM DC Inverter power saving, quickly brought to the comfort and operation settings temperature stability.

Nano Aqua will ionized water molecules to bactericidal filter clean air, while moisturizing the skin.

When pressing the button Health Air, wind rotors will be automatically adjusted in the best position to benefit health, for a pleasant, comfortable inflatable flow.

Filter 2 layer including: bactericidal layer and layer of activated charcoal deodorant, removing toxic elements.

When the product has a problem, the machine will easy maintenance.

Make sure the temperature and humidity in the room is always cool.

On the remote, you can install the extension period include clock, timer on/off daily at the same time or timer on/off mix.


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