Toshiba Air Conditioner - Toshiba Genuine Air Conditioner 

Toshiba Is one of the world's leading brands from Japan in the electrical products business and consumer electronics with 140-years history (from 1873) formation and development. With the development of advanced technologies, we are always trying to bring products to improve people's lives which created a healthy and prosperous society. A number of important in the history of development products air conditioning Toshiba.

1930 Toshiba successfully developed the first generation of gas compressor used in refrigeration technology.

1961 The first air conditioner in the world.

1980 Toshiba were lauched the first air conditioner Inverter in the world.

1993 Toshiba invented compressor operating smoothly and super energy saving.

2001 Compressor Technology DC inverter was certified by Japan Ministry of Economy and Agriculture.

2017  Toshiba Air Conditioner have to Magic Coil Technology - Optimal system wide solution.

Currently Toshiba Air Conditioner lauched of product have to integrate modern technology such as

Hybrid Inverter Technology:

Toshiba air conditioner continues to promote a strong Hybrid Inverter inverter technology for new product line. In addition to the ability to manually adjust the optimum capacity, Hybrid Inverter technology also integrates two module control module PAM (pushing capacity) and PWM (to optimize performance) allows the product to shorten the cooling time, quickly reach the temperature stability with operation smoothness and power savings of up to 50% of the electric energy.

DC-Twin Rotary Compressor Technology: Toshiba inverter  air conditioner new generation used technology DC Twin-Rotary, offers quiet operation and ensures effective cooling to save power. The two shafts (Twin Roller) rotate at the same time making the most accurate rotation compressor shaft with less loss of energy. The result is reduced a power but a very powerful operation. At the same time reduce friction to a minimum helps Toshiba inverter air conditioning operation as more smoothness. Ideal to use for noise-sensitive places, help provide high performance with low vibration and noise while ensuring efficient cooling capabilities. In addition, with option 3 level is 100%, 75% and 50%, the user can select the appropriate mode to be able to enjoy the cool space, comfort and savings.

Extremely advanced design with optimized cooling system :

Besides the luxurious style and modern living space, Toshiba Inverter new generation there are significant improvements in the design of cooling systems. Notably increasing the exposed surface area of the indoor unit by adding the amount of copper pipe, aluminum foil and make a large heat exchanger. This is the factor that increases the cooling capacity ultrafast, help clear heat and cool atmosphere, refreshing for your home. 

Wide angle potentially reversible adjusted to 72 degrees allowing a powerful wind, and the fan diameter increased 13% compared to the previous generation allows the wind is blowing to 18m wide and far. The superior cooling capability, Toshiba Inverter has to create comfort for the user, avoid direct face with cold air offensive.

Magic Coil Anti - Grip Technology: 

Toshiba Inverter from Magic Coil technology with special synthetic coating Aqua. With this technology, all the pollutants will be automatically removed completely with the system heat exchanger capable of absorbing & completely remove dirt, bacteria, mold through drains. 

Technological superiority not only products always operate new effectively, to avoid having to take time maintenance and regular cleaning which is very inconvenient for users, but also enhance the rapid cooling, clean air, protect family health & energy saving efficiency. have provided a full range of Toshiba Air Conditioning system such as: Toshiba air conditioner,Toshiba ceiling air conditioner, Toshiba cassette air conditioner


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